The Cajon is a Peruvian percussion instrument that has taken over the music all around the world. Nowadays it is so deeply entwined in flamenco that its origin have become blurry. But, in Perú, this instrument not only maintaines its classical style but also is part of the many genres of contemporary music. This Afro Peruvian instrument, as well as ist various rhythms, an essential part of Peruvian Creole music, was born from the hands of African people that were brought to Perú as slaves during the colony. In the 19th century European rhythms such as the waltz or the polka were adopted by the peruvian creoles (los criollos) at the beat of the cajón. These rhythms and their particular way of being played, are part of the legacy we are sharing with you in this first release of GOLPES DE CAJÓN



Marcos Mosquera

Peruvian percussionist, master on Afro Peruvian rhythms, Mr. Mosquera is a versatile and skilful player. Apart from the cajón, he also plays congas, bongos and timbales.

In his 30 years of artistic career he has accompanied peruvian singers and musicians such as Zambo Cavero, Cecilia Barraza, Eva Ayllón, Lucía de la Cruz, Victoria Santa Cruz, Pepe Vásquez, Gianmarco, Manongo Mujica, Pepita García Miró, among others. For many years he has been part of the National Folklore School. He currently is a band member in Cosa Nuestra and Novalima. He also played in Tony Succar's Grammy Winning 2019 Album.

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